The Loved Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Pricing

Large Dogs: $50 per night

Small Dogs: $45 per night

Best Dog Boarding Staff in Los Angeles

Pet CPR Certified

Pet First Aid Certified

True Dog Lovers 24/7

The Loved Dog Facility
2100 Pontius Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 914-3033

Board your beloved four-legged family member with the best in the business! The Loved Dog is the premier cage-free dog boarding facility in Los Angeles, and offers dog kennels your animal is sure to adore. Forget tiny cages and forced nap times. Forget “luxurious” dog suites that still keep your canine isolated for most if not all day. When you board your dog with us, know your pooch will get to run around all day, every day.

Tamar created The Loved Dog based off of her New York Times best-selling book, The Loved Dog Method. Unlike other dog kennels in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, The Loved Dog allows canines to run, jump, and play with other doggies all day instead of facing the stress of isolation. Tamar and staff understand what sociable creatures dogs are, and how important it is for them to connect with their inner wolf. Bored dogs are destructive dogs, with Tamar’s outstanding Los Angeles doggy day care facility offering the stress relief the animals need.

Utilizing dog boarding services through The Loved Dog results in picking up a relaxed, calm doggy at the end of the work day–one you can enjoy giving love and attention to knowing he or she hasn’t been sitting in your house, bored and lonely.

Why not see what dog owners in Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and other Los Angeles neighborhoods are talking about? Try Tamar’s dog kennel services and board your animal with the only doggy day care you’ll ever need.

Check out pricing for large and small dogs, as well Tamar’s six best dog training tips. She promises you can teach your dog just about anything so long as you adhere to her six simple rules.

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