Cage Free Dog Kennels

Unlike other dog kennels we are the very first of all the cage free dog kennels in Los Angeles, where your dog gets to play out his/her wolf instincts while enjoying mental and physical stimulation. …Learn More

Doggy Day Care

14 hours a day of Play & Fun, for up to $2.50 an hour your dog will be playing until his/her heart is content, without ever being locked up. We offer the freedom to play, nap or just hang out under our loving supervision all day long. …Learn More

Dog Training/Coaching

The difference between dog training & dog coaching is that with training it’s usually all about making the dog obedient. But with Dog Coaching we empower the dog to be all that s/he can be, while focusing on building a remarkable & lasting bond with their “parents” / owner. Tamar has been dog training / dog coaching the dogs of many A-list celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Affleck, Larry King & Natalie Portman …Learn More

Tamar on Oprah

Dog Training Vacation

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