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This Exclusive Day Care With Tamar is only for a select few.

Please contact Tamar’s Assistant to book your stay with us today! 310-476-7720

The Loved Dog Exclusive Day Care With Tamar
(310) 476-7720

This Exclusive Dog Day Care option is prefect for dogs that need a refresher in manners. Throughout the day our dogs are worked with on all different behaviors, be it narrating their everyday behaviors to brushing up on the boundaries they should be respecting. Spots are limited as we want to make sure that each individual dog gets the attention they need but also with a large enough pack so everyone has someone to play with be they large, small, young, old, hyper or prefer to chillax.

Benefits of Dog Training

There are several benefits of dog training, with the most important being that it could save the dog’s life. A dog that behaves poorly is not only at risk of being abandoned, but could also endanger itself. A poorly behaved dog could get out, run away, and be seriously hurt, or even killed.

Dog Training will ensure that you and your dog have a better bond. With a properly behaved dog, you can go to more places with your pet, and leave him home with more confidence. You can also exercise and spend more time with your dog.

Tamar Geller meets the needs of owners and dogs

Tamar has created a program that allows dogs to enjoy being away from the home and be more comfortable when they get back to their house. The Loved Dog ensures that canines have plenty of room to run, jump and soak up the Southern California sunshine. This program ensures that the dog will be able to work off any stress they might have in their day-to-day life.

Private dog trainer Tamar is known for her innovative methods of training. Her client list is a who’s who of Hollywood players, including Ben Affleck, Ryan Seacrest and John Stewart. Tamar provides insight to millions and her work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Ellen and Entertainment Tonight.

If you would like to have a well-behaved and happier dog, check out the Loved Dog. The Loved Dog offers an outstanding opportunity for you and your dog to build a better relationship. Check out the offerings and see what makes Loved Dog the best option for your dog and family’s long-term relationship.

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