Operation Heroes & Hounds presents injured members of the United States military with the unique opportunity of training / coaching shelter dogs. The focus of the program is on personal transformation through The Loved Dog™ method, a playful and nonaggressive approach to canine coaching. Both service members and shelter dogs learn a new set of skills that will make a positive impact on their future.

Operation Heroes & Hounds participants include “the walking wounded” of the United States military suffering from non-visible ailments such as post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Shelter dogs selected for the program are in need of behavior modification through the kind, nonaggressive teaching of The Loved Dog method. Together, they can heal their emotional wounds while gaining new life skills. Proceeds from The Loved Dog Center support Operation Heroes & Hounds. The dogs of Operations Heroes & Hounds live free of charge at The Loved Dog Center until they find their forever home. We take homeless shelter dogs, let them live with us at The Loved Dog Center & start building their trust in people through The Loved Dog Training (coaching) method. And we do the same for the Veterans. Tamar a veteran herself understands the stress of living in wartime or war zones. She’s committed to help veterans learn how to trust themselves and others using the shelter dogs as “training wheels” & allowing both dogs & vets to find hope, relationship & communication skills, & buckets of joy in the process.