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Aileen C

This book affirmed some of the training methods I intuited and taught me other techniques that are invaluable. If you are looking for an alternative to the mainstream/commercialized training techniques that seem a bit harsh, then this method is for you.

Allison R

Tamar, how to thank you and your assistant, Cricket, for an amazing session this weekend. What a privilege to come to home base with Rudie and Ellie, meet your small pack of house guests, and learn so much. We had all assumed our newest rescue, Ellie, was just more pizazzy, doggyish and fast-paced than our more Zen Rudie. After all, pulling me down the street in a daily Iditarod meant she still had puppy impulses. Territorial food and toy snaps meant she just needed a bit of social fine-tuning. She’s a little barky. More of a ‘watch dog’. Or so we thought. She’s such an extraordinary, expressive, playful, sweet glutton for pets and scratches. And smart as the Dickens. What a revelation to find out her every move is informed by fear. Her adorable Martha Graham bows. Her stiff hind legs when accepting treats. The lack of focus and sheer horsepower on walks. It’s not just the squirrels and the smells! You helped us so much with Rudie. How quickly we forget what a wee bundle of insecurities she was, fresh out of the shelter. That you were again able to cast a light was profound. I am filled with empathy for this girl. I’m super excited about the pleasure principle. By practicing basic games with both girls, we will try to master focus and create tons of POSITIVE associations. Then we will really dig in with walking on leash. Fingers crossed we can meet their needs. There’s something divine going on at Chez Geller. Kisses from Luca was like receiving the benediction! I love how you empower the most misunderstood dogs to love on their own, with respect and space and understanding. I loved being inside that vital little ballet. Frankly, it must be exhausting, constantly steering them, coaching them, explaining, teaching and rewarding them, like a gaggle of toddlers! Knowing now how common fear-related issues are, I can’t understand why any ‘trainer’ would ever use a device of pain like a prong collar. Makes no sense. I am so grateful for all you have done for our little family. For showing us the light and opening us up to all our potential. So much love and respect!

Brandy B

I recently discovered the loved dog method, and I love it! I have a 2 1/2 year old Dachshund and an almost 2 year old Min Pin mix. I have had some training troubles and gotten frustrated with being told multiple times that I need to be the Alpha. A local trainer worked with them and tried to teach me, but I had a hard time with her methods. My fur babies love me and trust me, and I hate feeling as though I have to be mean to work with them. How can I look into those sweet faces and pull on a ‘training collar’? With the loved dog method, the three of us can have fun and be happy during the process of learning new behaviors. Thanks!!!

Oprah Winfrey

This is life changing for all you dog lovers.

Larry King

Tamar Geller is the renowned Dog expert.

Ellen DeGeneres

Truly a dog’s best friend.

Brittney S

We love The Loved Dog. The staff is highly interactive with our two Jack Russell Terriers. We know they are well taken care of and get attention from both the staff and other dogs

Carlio D

Stella and I are new to The Loved Dog. We both love it so far. They know my Stella by name and are all very caring.

Robert B

The Loved Dog is the only place we would ever trust with Tyson. We had to go out of town right after Tyson scratched his cornea with his nails and was on both an antihistamine/prednisone taper and 4-times-a-day eye drops of two different kinds. You all took perfect care of him; it didn’t stop us from fretting about leaving him, but we knew he couldn’t be in better hands. Leaving Tyson with you is better than leaving him with family.

John & Vicky P

The love and caring for the dogs at The Loved Dog is amazing. We have had a great experience with them.

Melanie T

The people here at The Loved Dog loved my dogs as I do. It’s a safe environment and the dogs are treated well.

Allison Roth

I love that your method does not require me to do anything that makes me feel like a bad person. Tamar, you are a game changer. You are a loving teacher, an amazing coach, a most humane being and a true healer. What a gift your passion has unleashed upon the world

Victoria Ding

Ms. Geller, thank you for showing me how important to give dogs love more than punishing them.

Becky Kissinger

Dear Ms. Geller:
Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. It was great to learn more about your philosophy and faith. We loved meeting Cricket and Oliver too! Thank you for your advice on specific situations. God made amazing animals and it was fun to celebrate that with you.

Olivia Flowers

Ms. Geller,
Thank you for suggesting that I try to make my dog leave an area by using treats. I also enjoy “The Loved Dog” book. May God bless you!

Amanda Johnson

Dear Ms. Geller,
My name is Amanda Johnson and I’m a 12th grader at GRCHS (Go Seniors!) But anyways I asked you a question about my dog named Yoshi, the dog in the cone who bites himself. The information that you gave me about his diet changes helped me a lot! I’m so excited to see his improvement. Thanks so much!! Have a great day!


Thank you so much for teaching us the positive way to teach the dogs and we learned a lot from you!

William Lau

Ms. Geller,
Thank you for spending time with us to do this interview. It is so surprising to me that I can see the author on Skype. And thank you for sharing your experience to us. Those experiences are so useful to me.

Faida Muriithi

Ms. Geller,
Thank you for your time. Thank you for sharing your faith with us. Thank you for sharing your love and kindness about dogs and thank you for teaching us better ways to train our dogs and grow closer to them. Thank you for helping me personally with my dog Buster.

Nick Abolt

Thank you for skyping us and helping my classmates with their dogs. Keep doing you! You are a very nice person for helping dogs!

Joel Shymanski

Dear Ms. Geller,
Thank you for taking the time to skype our class and giving us good advice about our dogs. Thank you for what you do with dogs and following your calling. Thanks for showing me that you don’t have to be physical with your dog in order to have it obey you.

Sunny Tang

Ms. Geller,
Thank you so much for spending an hour skyping with us. And I am fascinated by how you showed us the method works. Also your book inspired me a lot. I hop I can apply it when I get my own dog. Thanks again!

Hunter Smith

Ms. Geller,
Thank you for teaching me how to train my dog better and encouraging me to teach me new things.

Blake Williams

Hello!! Ms. Geller, I really enjoyed speaking with you and seeing your puppies! I mostly appreciated your advice and your teaching of the bronze, silver and gold treat method. I have been using these methods on my very cute and loving puppy named Zeus. He is an American Pitbull terrier. He’s such a good boy and is improving in listening with your methods. So thank you very much!!

Nikki Vantland

Thank you for being able to talk with us!! It was really fun talking to you and I learned a lot. Now I know some interesting ways to treat my dog. Your book also has helped me learn more ways to train my dog. You story is also very inspiring.

Jiahn Oh

Dear Ms. Geller,
Thank you so much about your call with Skype! We were all very surprised by how you were so willing to talk to us even though you must be very busy! I loved your book. It was the first book I’ve ever read about dogs (and I am going to search for your other books). Thank you for sharing your own testimony and faith! It was really interesting. I want to say that your two dogs are SO SWEET! Say hi to Cricket and Oliver!! They are so cute and so adorable. I would ove to meet you someday in the future and talk about dogs. Thank you so much for being so passionate and caring about the call. I hope you and The Loved Dogs live happily loving each other every day! Again, Thank you so much!!

Stephanie P

I never actually realized that taking my dog to daycare would do so much good for him. I think most people probably feel the same way I used to about taking hteir dogs to daycare-guilty. But The Loved Dog really changed my way of thinking.

The Loved Dog isn’t flashy and fancy like some of the other daycares out there. But there is a huge difference that I didn’t realize at first. While your dog is at The Loved Dog, he is learning.

The staff at The Loved Dog are trained using Tamar Geller’s Loved Dog method. In turn, they train your dog! The staff doesn’t stand around with a spray bottle waiting to break up a fight. Instead, I watched as an attendant said something and all the dogs scattered. I was so impressed!!

The dogs seem happy there. There’s no cages, no forced nap times etc. I know my dog used to bark at any dog we came across. But now he goes to The Loved Dog to get socialized. I really put it to the test when I took him to a dog Halloween parade and my dog didn’t bark at the other dogs! It was such a relief.

Thank you Loved Dog!!!!

Michelle H

My large dog came here for an “evaluation” last week and it was our first time at a doggy daycare facility. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I did know that I wanted a dog park like experience where he can run, play and have healthy socialization. The front desk lady could see I was nervous and was very detailed in describing all their policies and expectations. I felt they would take care of my pup.

The Loved Dog is not a wainscoted, manicured, landscaped facility, but rather a multi-story concrete and hardwood (odd) doggy romp room. This is designed to please the dogs, not the humans. The 1st floor is the lobby and the “active dog” play room where there is a fence to the outside. I kind of love seeing all the dogs of all sizes line up (and bark) at the fence facing the parking lot as I pull up.

The second floor is for the mellow dogs and I wish they had a webacam. It would brighten my day to log on occasionally to see my pup frolicking around.”

Donna H

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! How lucky you are to go to a job like this one! Hahaha I am a big Wilmer Valaderrama fan and he has Dobies! I am going to show him this!! Keep up the good work and Bless you all!

Andrea C

Anastasia, the General Manager, has an incredibly kind heart! She and the center were so helpful and resourceful with a small little chi stray I needed shelter for. She kindly offered to help and directed me to cost-effective services so that we can home the little chi. She went far and beyond in getting me and the dog the necessary help. By meeting her, I got a sense of the cneter’s genuine care for animals and their well-being. I would rust leaving my own dogs at this center and I normally wouldn’t even consider it! Very trust-worthy place and am happy I came across this place!

Prescila B

Awesome!!! Love it =)

Sara V

We recently switched from another West LA doggie daycare to The Loved Dog and are big fans so far. We liked the idea of changing to a cage-free environment, in which we know that every pup there has had a thorough screening. We were very impressed w/their procedure for screening, which included exposing our dogs (2 young bullmastiffs) to yappy dogs, small dogs, and big dogs, to see how they’d react. Even though the screening 2hr cost $20, you can then leave them there the whole rest of the day if you’d like (assuming they pass the screen 🙂

As far as the facility, it’s pretty standard for an indoor-only daycare, but we do feel they have better cross-ventilation system which helps w/temperature as well as stuffiness that can lead to kennel cough.

There are plenty of doggie cabana beds for those who’d like to lounge, as well as agility play equipment. One of my reasons for only 4 stars is that it can be a little crowded on some days, and the ratio of hanlders to dogs can be a bit overwhelming, esp in a cage-free environment. Even w/the best “screening” in the world, there naturally is going to be the occasional scuffle, humping, etc. that requires the handlers to intervene.

As others have mentioned, the staff has been AMAZING – our dogs (who combined = 180 lbs) literally FLY through the doors to get inside, and immediately run to the handlers for lovin’. You get the sense that everyone there truly loves dogs. I’ve also been very impressed with how, even after our first time, everyone there immediately knew our dogs, my husband, and myself. Anastasia, the general manager, was extremely helpful in us getting accommodated there, and did an email f/u to make sure everything was going well. Lastly, they get major points for successfully and gently being able to do nail trims on our giant pup’s Dino Nails. After I explained that using a Dremel is generally the only tool we can use due to their resistance, Anastasia arranged to have a specific staff member bring in this tool for the job. This is just the type of personalized, caring service we’ve received thus far at The Loved Dog, and our pups surely look forward to continuing to play there.

Perhaps my only other suggestion, that IS offered at other locations, would be allowing drop-offs/pick-ups on Sundays. This can be quite a hindrance on weekend trips that may only need a Fri/Sat boarding. Otherwise we’d def. recommend TLD!

Florence L

Stopped by today to pick up two dogs. Everyone was very helpful and very, very nice. I can’t review them for their service as I don’t use them, but my experience there was very pleasant and all the dogs looked very happy.

Peyton M

My dog loves going here and the staff has always been great. I agree that it would be better if there was an outdoor area but unfortunately most daycare facilities in the west LA area do not have outdoor space. I take my dog here for daycare only and if I have to board her I make the drive to a facility that has indoor/outdoor spaces.
They have recently updated the place with new paint, new ramps and obstacles for the dogs to play on. The downstairs is for larger, playful dogs and upstairs is for shy and/or small dog. Overall I feel really confident that my dog is safe and having fun here during the day.

Kevin C

No complaints. I like the indoor/outdoor idea. Daisy loves her playmates here. She never has a problem.

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