Board & Train (Dog Training Vacation)

Try Our Board & Train (Dog Training Vacation)

with Oprah’s Personal Dog Trainer and NY Times bestselling author Tamar Geller 

Tamar invites your dog to a training-vacation in a stunning setting in the hills of Los Angeles!
A very exclusive, high-end, super loving experience is now offered
for a select few, with Tamar Geller herself!!!

Is your dog acting out? Has he or she become destructive, started barking, jumping, or won’t come when you call? Let Tamar Geller show you how to teach your dog to think and make mindful decisions all on his/her own!

Your dog can go on a Training Vacation or you can book a private session with Tamar Geller herself. Let Tamar help you by teaching your dog using games and fun, so not only do you and your dog have an awesome time, but all of Tamar’s training is science based.

Your dog can enjoy a training “vacation” in the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains, and learn to be a well-mannered member of the family in a fabulous home environment full of love. Tamar works with clients to solve whatever problems their dogs are currently experiencing, and offers manners assistance and other troubleshooting techniques to help your dog feel relaxed and happy and become a well-mannered member of the family.

Tamar has helped the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, and Ben Affleck understand their canine companions, all of whom have nothing but wonderful things to say about her and her methods.

Treat yourself and your fuzzy four-legged family member to a few sessions with Tamar. After all, your dog deserves to be happy, and so do you! Get a better understanding of your dog while enjoying a subsequently more relaxed, calm, loving doggie.

Tamar is not like any other dog trainer out there.

The big difference is that Tamar’s training goes beyond your dog obeying commands. Other trainers can teach commands using negative or positive methods but what Tamar does is actually teach your dog to think before they act.

Everything Tamar does is not only game based and fun so the dog enjoys themselves, It is science based!

Tamar is a New York Times Bestselling author in dog behavior and she was the resident expert for the Today show before leaving to join the Oprah show as its trainer.

Tamar’s training is Leash & Cage Free, and Everything is based on relationship and having fun! This method is so much fun for your dog that they will learn much faster than with any other training!

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