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Tamar’s Passion

Dogs are a tremendous gift to the world! They are amazingly sensitive, intuitive creatures with the remarkable power to transform the lives of the humans they touch. They have the uncanny ability to understand humans, working side-by-side with us and sharing our lives.
In my world, we celebrate dogs! People are emotionally invested in their dogs, and don’t regard them as disposable accessories or toys for their children. We raise our voices for the millions of the voiceless dogs around the world, improving their quality of life and putting an end to their senseless mistreatment and death.

As a life coach for dogs and their people, I have dedicated myself to providing insight to millions of dog lovers with my unique dog training method, The Loved Dog, for building a relationship based on games, clear communication, respect and love. I am devoted to capturing the individuality of each and every dog and celebrating the magic in them.

I believe that dogs are sent to us to open our hearts, teach us how to show up in the world & be training wheels for us to practice our communications skills with everyone in our life. Dogs make us human!

I invite you to join me. Your dog will love you for it!

Oprah’s personal dog coach, Tamar Geller, invites your dog to a coaching vacation/training camp at her stunning Bel Air home! Call us 310-476-7720