Dog Boarding & Training in Agoura Hills

Finding dog boarding in Agoura Hills may not have always been an easy task, but it just got easier. Turn to the professionals at The Loved Dog the next time you need dog boarding, and see the difference. You will walk into their facility and see just how open and friendly it is. Your dog will feel right at home exploring the location with the safety of human and canine companionship.

The Benefits of Turning to The Loved Dog

The facility at The Loved Dog is unlike anywhere else you may have gone for dog day care in Agoura Hills. The area where the dogs are released is outdoors, yet enclosed to keep them safe. There are obstacles for them to explore, and natural landscape nuances for them to play on. They are encouraged to act like dogs, and to have fun the entire time they are there. The humans are part of what is going on for the dog’s safety, but the dogs are left to behave in whatever way comes naturally to them.

Plus, if you want, you can also get private dog training from the same people who board your dog. Tamar Geller and her professionally trained staff are there to do more than keep your dog safe. They also want to help you and your dog have the best relationship possible. They want to help you connect with your dog on a deeper level by allowing you to understand your dog’s needs and how to communicate your needs effectively to your dog.

If you want to find the perfect place for both dog boarding and training in Agoura Hills then you need to look at The Loved Dog. You will love what your dog gets out of his or her time there, and you will love how good you feel about turning to them to help with your beloved dog.

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