Have you been considering dog boarding in Brentwood or the surrounding areas? Then look no further! The Loved Dog is the place your dog wants to be! He or she is going to love being cared for by Tamar because each dog that comes into her care is treated as though they are her very own beloved pet.

Board and Train in Brentwood with Tamar Geller

Unlike other dog boarding facilities where your companion is put into a small dog kennel for at least part of the day, at The Loved Dog, your dog is free to roam with Tamar. He or she can explore with Tamar by their side so they do not get into anything dangerous, and then your pup is able to get used to their environment. The dogs at The Loved Dog get lots of play time, always have access to water and regular meals, and they get to spend time with human beings during their entire stay.

Benefits of Brentwood Training with The Loved Dog

At The Loved Dog, we can help take care of your pet for short and long-term absences. If you want to board your excited pup during the day while you work, we can help. Likewise, if you are looking for a dog boarding facility for your next trip out of town for business, give us a call and let us set up your dog’s stay.

Brentwood Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennels

Pamper your pet whenever you need to go out of town by bringing them to the best dog boarding in Los Angeles – The Loved Dog. Not only will you be happy when you come home to a happy pup, but your dog is also going to be happy upon your return. To find out more, contact us today and let us help explain the process to you so that you and your pet can have peace of mind!

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