Dog Boarding & Training in Calabasas

Do you have locating a facility for dog boarding in Calabasas on your to-do list? The Loved Dog can help you cross that off. They offer a safe and fun place for your dog to be kept happy while you attend to whatever life throws your way, and a place where you will feel good about bringing your dog each time you go. Instead of feeling as though your dog is being left with a stranger, your dog is going to be welcomed in by family. Both the staff and the dogs are waiting to see your happy faces, so stop on in and see how you all get along!

The Loved Dog is Different

While there may be a few options for dog day care  in Calabasas, none of them are like The Loved Dog. When you both come in to The Loved Dog, you are welcomed by people who are excited to see your dog as you are. They look forward to each time your dog joins them, and want to see what amazing side of your dog he or she will show off during that visit. They understand that the more they see your dog, the happier and deeper their relationship with your dog will be, and they spend their time keeping your dog safe and nurturing that relationship.

Once your dog gets used to how things are done at The Loved Dog, you can both benefit from getting private dog training from the owner, Tamar Geller. She will help you learn how to tell your dog what you need him or her to do, and let your dog show you just how eager to please he or she really is. Come in to The Loved Dog today, and see just how much of a difference the right facility can make.