Dog Boarding & Training in Century City

When you want to be able to pamper your pet while you are away, call on us at The Loved Dog. You get to combine the effects of a top of the line dog boarding facility with a dog spa so your pet gets the best of all worlds. Plus, the owner of The Loved Dog, Tamar, is also a certified dog trainer in Los Angeles so she knows how to best help your pet behave with positive reinforcement and love.

Board and Train in Century City with Tamar Geller

We know you have a few options of dog boarding in Century City and the surrounding areas, but we also know that we are the best facility for both you and your dog. What sets us apart from the rest is how we care for your dog. Instead of going to some facility where your dog is stuck in a kennel all throughout the day, at The Loved Dog, your dog is able to explore the entire facility under the careful supervision of Tamar. She spends the entire day with the dogs and always makes sure they get the attention and fun that dogs deserve.

Benefits of Century City Training with The Loved Dog

Your dog is also able to socialize with other dogs while staying at The Loved Dog, which helps him or her embrace their natural instincts. This is essential for a happy dog that is not destructive when pent up at home. At The Loved Dog, your dog is able to keep busy with multiple different activities to stimulate his or her body, plus things that will also stimulate his or her mind.

Century City Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennels

Let your dog become a happier and healthier companion by allowing them to spend time with other dogs at The Loved Dog and their cage free doggy day care facility in Los Angeles. The watchful eye of Tamar will keep them safe and the love will keep them wanting to come back for more.