Dog Boarding & Training in Cheviot Hills

There is nothing like coming home after a busy day at work and seeing that your dog got scared and destroyed your couch, carpet, or your curtains. This happens when your dog gets lonely, has pent up energy, or gets anxious about when you will return. If you want to avoid this scenario, you may want to consider finding a facility that specializes in dog boarding in Cheviot Hills. That way, your dog gets to have fun while you get peace of mind that your dog is being watched and played with while you tend to your job.

Board and Train in Cheviot Hills with Tamar Geller

A happy dog that gets to run around is the kind of dog that is not going to destroy your house. When you pick up your dog from The Loved Dog, you will notice he or she will be very happy, smiling, and calm. This is because the facility is designed to keep dogs busy and having fun all day long. The indoor dog park at The Loved Dog was designed with dogs in mind, and how dogs behave. It is set up for the dogs to have natural obstacles to explore while still staying safe. It is also set up to allow for the dogs to have constant human interaction and supervision, so the entire time your dog is playing, he or she will remain safe.

Benefits of Cheviot Hills Training with The Loved Dog

Come and see how the top dog kennel is actually not a kennel at all, but instead, a fully developed play area for dogs to enjoy being dogs. Give your dog the ability to have fun and be with friends while you work or go on vacation, and you are sure to not come home to a destroyed house as long as The Loved Dog is where you board your beloved pet.

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