Dog Boarding & Training in El Segundo

Would you and your dog both enjoy finding a facility where you can get not only dog boarding in El Segundo, but also a place where the person in charge is a certified dog trainer? If you both nodded in agreement, then you should give The Loved Dog a call. At The Loved Dog, your dog is treated like both an individual and a celebrity, because, well, your dog is! Your pet is not just special to you, but also to those who know the amazing sides of dogs that other facilities do not always take the time to see.

Board and Train in El Segundo with Tamar Geller

Many dog boarding facilities believe that your dog needs to be in a kennel to keep your pet safe and to control how your dog behaves. Tamar, the owner of The Loved Dog, disagrees. She believes that by loving your dog as the individual that he or she really is, you will have both a safe pet and one who is willing and wanting to obey. The more love, affection, and human attention a dog gets, the better behaved that dog is. That is why when you turn to The Loved Dog for dog boarding in El Segundo, your dog is played with, allowed to embrace his or her inner-wolf, and given the opportunity to act in only the way a dog can.

Benefits of El Segundo Training with The Loved Dog

Come in and see what The Loved Dog has to offer, and see how the setup is totally different than any other boarding facility around. When you like the setup for boarding, you can also speak with Tamar about getting your dog to listen better, as she is a certified dog trainer who offers advice and assistance to those who need her help. The Loved Dog is one place where both you and your pet can get it all!

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