Dog Boarding & Training in Hermosa Beach

If you have found that the ideal facility for dog boarding in Hermosa Beach is eluding you, then you need to stop looking and go straight to The Loved Dog. Renowned dog trainer Tamar Geller has an amazing facility where she and her staff care for your dogs in the morning, afternoons, evenings and even overnight if you need them to. Your dog gets personalized human attention and the companionship of other dogs to be able to do what dogs do best – be dogs!

Let Your Dog’s Inner Wolf Roam Free

At The Loved Dog, your dog gets the opportunity to roam around the entire facility without hindrance. The dogs are safely given an outdoor facility that is totally enclosed with cage free dog boarding, that has natural terrain for your dog to explore. There are always humans on the prowl with them, so they are always safe and encouraged to see what is beyond the next dip or branch. Your dog is going to love being a part of the natural enclosure, especially when your dog realizes that they can come back again tomorrow!

And Use Private Dog Training to Learn to Call It Back Again

When you want to be done letting your beloved dog’s inner wolf roam around, then use a private dog training lesson to get your dog to listen when you tell him or her to come back. It is great to let your dog roam around uninhibited for hours on end, but it is even better when your dog knows when it is time to go home. Pick up a few tips and tricks from Tamar and her staff, and watch how much better behaved your dog begins to be for you. The Loved Dog has it all, so call and schedule your first visit today!

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