Dog Boarding & Training in Hollywood

Are you searching for dog boarding in Hollywood? Do you need help caring for your dog when life keeps you busy longer than is good for them to be left alone? Then come in and see how The Loved Dog can help. The Loved Dog is far more than a daycare for dogs in Los Angeles – it is a full service facility that can offer you help with your dog on many different levels.

Board and Train in Hollywood with Tamar Geller

Having the ideal location to board your dog in Hollywood is important. You do not want to just put your dog somewhere he or she will be locked up in a kennel most of the day. The Loved Dog uses an open facility and human supervision to keep the dogs safe and happy. Your dog will receive a lot of attention, get lots of exercise running around with the other dogs that are staying there, and have access to fresh water whenever they need it. Plus, they will be fed their own food come meal time so as not to upset any sensitive stomachs!

Benefits of Hollywood Training with The Loved Dog

Tamar, the owner of The Loved Dog, is a certified dog trainer. This means that she can help advise you on how to tend to issues you may be having with your dog. You may be struggling with getting your beloved dog to listen or to act in a specific way, but when you know the tips and tricks that the pros use, it can be much easier. You can speak with Tamar, who can offer tips on training your dogs, plus, you can also schedule dog training times where she can work with you and your dog individually to get the results that you have been hoping for.

Book Today with The Loved Dog

When you need help with dog boarding in Hollywood, turn to The Loved Dog. It will help you and your dog be happier!