Dog Boarding & Training in Inglewood

Have you been on the looking for a dog boarding facility in Inglewood, California? If you have, you are in luck! The Loved Dog has openings to board your dog in a facility full of love, attention, and professionalism. The owner of The Loved Dog, Tamar, is a certified dog trainer who believes that loving your dog is the best way to get it to behave, and this is how she runs her facility. If you want your dog to be surrounded by positivity and love when you cannot be by your dog’s side, then you want your dog at The Loved Dog.

Benefits of Inglewood Training with The Loved Dog

Instead of putting your dog in some large dog kennel, your beloved companion gets human and canine interaction all day long. The dogs are able to roam freely within the facility that has been set up for their exploration in a safe manner. They always have a human companion around, and they get to explore what their instincts tell them to do all day long. Your dog will come home happy and tired out, ready to be the calm companion that you want.

Inglewood Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennels

When dog boarding in Inglewood is your goal, give Tamar a call. She can tell you more about what your dog will be able to do during his or her stay at The Loved Dog, and she can explain her methodology to you so that you can be sure your dog is going to be in the perfect place in your absence. The Loved Dog is unlike any other dog boarding facility around, and your pet is going to be better off for spending time there. Contact The Loved Dog today and come and explore the facility for yourself. You will see the difference.

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