Dog Boarding & Training in Malibu

Are you looking for the perfect place that offers dog boarding in Malibu? Look no further than The Loved Dog. You will walk in and instantly be amazed at how perfectly suited to your dog the environment is. Not only does your dog get the opportunity to play from the moment you drop him or her off at The Loved Dog until you pick your dog back up, but your dog also gets constant human interaction even when you cannot be around. What more could your dog want?

You Can Also Get Private Dog Training, Too

Every dog owner wants to find the perfect doggy day care facility near where they live. They want their dog to be happy, and look forward to going. You know that your dog would love a place to run with other dogs, and act in a way that all dogs naturally want to act. That is precisely what Tamar offers when you bring your dog to The Loved Dog for boarding.

Plus, Tamar has extensive experience with training dogs, so while your dog is already having fun at a place he or she loves to be, you can learn how to get your dog to be a better listener at the same time. Enjoy showing up to The Loved Dog as much as your dog does, because you are greeted by amazing staff who are excited and happy to be seeing you and spending time with your pet.

Gone are the days where your dog would do nothing but sit in a kennel the entire time you are gone. Welcome in the new type of dog boarding and grooming where your dog gets to have fun and be the center of attention the entire time you have to be away. Learn how dog boarding in Malibu is done right with The Loved Dog.

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