Dog Boarding & Training in Mar Vista

For those living in Mar Vista, finding the best dog kennel to board your dog at can be difficult. What if the answer was no dog kennel at all, but instead calling a facility for dog boarding in Mar Vista that did not use kennels? If you think your dog would be happier like that, then give The Loved Dog a call and find out what you and your dog would get out of this experience.

Board and Train in Mar Vista with Tamar Geller

At most dog boarding facilities, they use kennels of different sizes to force your dog into a pattern of their choosing. They decide when your dog gets to run around and have fun, and even when your dog should lie down to nap. What if your dog is not ready to nap? At The Loved Dog, your dog gets to decide what he or she is ready to do. Your dog is put into an indoor dog park, complete with glass walls and grass, trees and sunshine, and given the opportunity to run around like a dog and we even offer dog grooming What a concept, right?

Benefits of Mar Vista Training with The Loved Dog

Your dog gets the chance to not only run around like a dog, but to do it in an environment that is set up with dogs in mind. There is constant supervision to ensure your dog is exploring and playing safely, and each person that works at The Loved Dog is trained in the methods that Tamar has shared with the world through her book, The Loved Dog Method. If you want a fun and active place for your dog to enjoy while you run errands, work, or go on a vacation, then The Loved Dog is the place you, and your dog, want to go.

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