Dog Boarding & Training in Marina Del Rey

Does work cause you to be out of town a lot, or leave you working early morning until late night on a relatively regular basis? If so, then you may need to find the ideal dog boarding in Marina del Rey for your four-legged companion. You know it is not fair to leave him or her for hours on end, but just bringing them to some random doggy day care is not the right solution either. What you are looking for is The Loved Dog.

Board and Train in Marina Del Rey with Tamar Geller

The Loved Dog is the top dog kennel in the area because it is not your normal dog kennel. Instead of having small cages or limited interaction with other dogs, your pup will have a human around at all times and be given full run of the facility in a supervised manner in out cage free doggy day care. All of the dogs are able to play, roughhouse (carefully), and run around the way that dogs naturally want to do. They get to have fun, get out all of their pent-up energy, and come home tired and ready to be the type of companion you want by your side.

Benefits of Marina Del Rey Training with The Loved Dog

Don’t let your busy work schedule interfere with your dog’s ability to have fun and get the exercise that he or she needs. Bring your dog into The Loved Dog and watch the transformation that happens when your dog is able to be around other dogs and do things that come naturally to dogs who get to embrace their inner wolf. Come in and see what is so different about The Loved Dog for yourself, and then set up a time to have your dog become a part of Tamar’s canine family. You and your dog will both be happy you did.