Dog Boarding & Training in Pacific Palisades

Finding the perfect place for dog boarding in the Pacific Palisades is not easy, but it can be made easier if you turn to The Loved Dog. When you want a place where your dog is being cared for like family and allowed to behave like all dogs want to behave, then you want The Loved Dog. Allow your dog to explore his or her inner wolf by joining the supervised pack of pups that make up Tamar’s family.

Board and Train in Pacific Palisades with Tamar Geller

Many times, dogs end up feeling pent up and stuck when they are in homes where they do not get enough socialization or run around time with other dogs. This can cause them to feel unhappy, even when they are doing something they love – like spending time with you. If you allow them to go out and run around with other dogs, their natural instincts kick in and they are able to feel like a normal, happy pup. That is part of the benefit of boarding your dog at The Loved Dog.

Benefits of Pacific Palisades Training with The Loved Dog

Tamar treats each dog that comes in as her own, but also understands each dog’s need to feel like one of the pack. She supervises the dogs as they explore, play, and romp around. She interacts with each dog individually as well. Tamar firmly believes that the best dog kennel is the one that allows for all of the dogs to interact with one another, yet keeps them safe, and uses this philosophy to make sure that each dog that comes under her care gets the safe, caring attention they deserve. The next time you need dog boarding in the Pacific Palisades, turn to The Loved Dog and watch your dog come home happier after his or her time with Tamar.