Dog Boarding & Training in Playa Vista

When on the lookout for dog boarding in Playa Vista, turn to The Loved Dog. On top of being one of the most beautiful facilities around, it also gives you and your dog the benefit of having a certified dog trainer at the helm of the company. This way, you can get help with dog boarding and training at the same location, allowing your pet to be happier and better behaved!

Board and Train in Playa Vista with Tamar Geller

Most doggy daycares utilize the idea of putting dogs in kennels to maximize how many dogs they can care for on a given day. At The Loved Dog, your dog is not put into some small kennel like they would be elsewhere. Instead, the facility is set up to allow the dogs to have the run of the place. This way, the environment can be safely controlled and supervised so that the dogs are able to act naturally, but without the constant worry of any of them getting hurt in a cage free dog boarding facility.

Benefits of Playa Vista Training with The Loved Dog

If you want to find a great place for dog daycare in Playa Vista or the surrounding areas, then The Loved Dog is where you need to turn. Your dog is never left alone, and will always have the companionship of people and other dogs. Give your dog the opportunity to embrace his or her inner wolf so that they can run free in a way that is safe and controlled, and see how much your dog transforms into the type of companion you have been looking for.

Playa Vista Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennels

When you want a happy and healthy dog, even on the days where you cannot be there, turn to Tamar and her experience. She can help bring out the best in your dog and leave you both better for becoming a part of The Loved Dog family.

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