Dog Boarding & Training in Redondo Beach

Is dog boarding in Redondo Beach difficult to find? Or maybe you are only able to find boarding facilities that have cold kennels and limited play? If you have been trying to find the perfect place to bring your dog for the occasional few hours, or even all day while you work, look no further than The Loved Dog. At The Loved Dog, your dog is able to explore the facility safely in our cage free dog day care facility. Your dog is encouraged to play with both the human staff members, and the other canines, the entire time he or she is there.

You Can Get Boarding, and Private Dog Training Lessons, Too

Not only can your dog have a blast all day long in the boarding area, but when you come to pick up your playful pup, you can also get a private dog training lesson at the same time. Tamar has been known for training many celebrity dogs, and is available to help you train your dog, too. So, now you have found the ideal facility for dog boarding in Redondo Beach, and the best place around for dog training.

When you bring your dog to The Loved Dog, he or she instantly becomes one of the family. The human staff members and the other pups that are there are all one big pack, and they are having all sorts of fun getting into every part of the safely designed outdoor environment. They are encouraged to do what dogs loved to do, and they do it under the careful eye of the people around. They get to explore, have fun, and act naturally, then come home in great spirits to the people they love most. Dogs love coming to The Loved Dog, and after one trip, you will, too.

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