Dog Training and Boarding in Sherman Oaks

Searching for dog boarding in Sherman Oaks? What you may want to do is go out and visit The Loved Dog. Their facility is unlike any other facility out there. They have it set up for the safety and fun of your dog, and to allow your dog to feel as though he or she is free to roam and explore like dogs would do out in nature. The indoor facility is like being outdoors without the concern of your dog running off, so why not come and see how else they are different?

See The Loved Dog Difference for Yourself

Unlike other dog boarding facilities in Sherman Oaks, your dog is never kenneled or left alone when you come to The Loved Dog. They enjoy constant human interaction, and always have someone on hand to make sure the dogs are safe and protected from the environment. The facility is set up to mimic nature in as many ways as possible, from natural obstacles to real grass for your dog to run and play on. Each person who works at The Loved Dog is trained in the ways of renowned dog trainer Tamar Geller, owner of The Loved Dog. She wants to make sure each person knows how to best connect with your dog so that your dog gets to be happy and healthy during their time together.

You can also ask about private dog training lessons while at The Loved Dog. If you want your dog to have the ability to behave as well as celebrity dogs do, then you should ask Tamar to help you learn how to best communicate with your pet. Your dog is the star when you turn to The Loved Dog to board and train your dog. Find out more today!