Dog Boarding & Training in Topanga

When dog boarding in Topanga is what you seek, The Loved Dog is the answer. Not all dog boarding facilities are created equal, so give your dog the best of the best. At The Loved Dog, your dog gets to be in control. The dogs that are boarded at The Loved Dog have the opportunity to run around like a pack all day long. They are under the careful supervision of the staff to make sure they are safe and having fun, but otherwise, they are on their own to explore and have fun!

The Staff Understands Dogs on a Deeper Level

Thanks to owner Tamar Geller’s influence, the staff at The Loved Dog takes getting to know your dog to a totally new level. They interact and play with the dogs the entire time, and allow the dogs to explore the facility that was specially created to allow them to behave in a natural way. Plus, if you like how the staff interacts with your dog, you can learn the same commands and style to work with your dog. Tamar Geller provides private dog training outside of boarding to help you learn how to better communicate what you need with your dog.

Give your dog the ability to have fun in your absence by using The Loved Dog for dog day care in Topanga. Your dog will have a blast, and you will have peace of mind. Your dog will come home without all of that excess energy or anxiety from you being gone, and you will be able to have the behavior that you want and deserve from your pet. Turn to The Loved Dog and see how they have set the bar at a whole new level. You and your dog will be glad you did.

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