Dog Boarding & Training in Torrance

Would finding a single facility that offers both dog boarding and training help you and your dog be able to interact better? Most of the time, dogs get nervous or lonely when you leave, even for just a few hours to run errands. It is not always realistic to bring your dog with you, so what should you do? Consider dog boarding in Torrance when you have to be gone from home, but look for a place that can provide you with training at the same time. That way, when your dog is being watched and having fun, he or she can become a better listener, too!

Board and Train in Torrance with Tamar Geller

The Loved Dog is a unique facility for a number of reasons. Not only can you turn to The Loved Dog for dog boarding and training, but you can also turn to its owner, Tamar Geller, for advice on how to make your dog happier and a better listener. She is a certified dog trainer, and has trained some of the most famous celebrity dogs out there, such as Ben Affleck’s dog and even Oprah’s dog!

Torrance Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennel

She set up her dog boarding facility to mimic nature. It gives your dog the opportunity to embrace his or her instincts, and let out the inner-wolf howling from inside. The environment is natural, yet indoors, and no kennels are used. It is simply supervised fun and exploration where humans and canines are put together to enjoy whatever happens naturally.

Torrance Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennels

If your dog would benefit from boarding and training, even part-time, call The Loved Dog. Let your dog go out and have fun like a dog, and know that you are going to get a better behaved dog at the end of the day, all by turning to The Loved Dog.

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