Dog Boarding & Training in Venice

When life has you gone for long hours at a time, it is important that you find the best dog boarding in Venice to keep your beloved pet safe. At The Loved Dog, you have the ideal combination of safety and structure, plus companionship and socialization, that your pet desperately craves. The expertise your dog gets from Tamar at The Loved Dog will extend beyond when your dog is cared for at her facility, as it will follow them home and show in the behavior your dog exhibits there as well.

Board and Train in Venice with Tamar Geller

At The Loved Dog, you can opt with short-term dog boarding which only lasts a few hours during the day, or you can go with long term dog boarding in Venice, which can be for days on end. That way, no matter what life throws at you, you are covered! Your dog gets to explore the facility with supervision, and gets to interact all day long with all of the other dogs that are staying with Tamar, too.

Benefits of Venice Training with The Loved Dog

The rates are incredibly reasonable, and the experience that your dog takes away from each visit is priceless. If you are struggling with behavioral issues, Tamar can help with that, too. While setting up your dog boarding, speak with Tamar about what type of issues you are having and let her experience with private dog training come to your aid. She is a certified dog trainer so can offer advice to help you, and dog training services to help teach you and your dog how to interact with each other on a more responsive level.

Venice Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennels

If you have one dog or a few, The Loved Dog can help care for your pets in the same manner you would if you could. Give them the fun, interaction, and safety that come along with staying at The Loved Dog, and watch how your pet transforms into a happier and more relaxed companion.

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