Dog Boarding & Training in West Hollywood

Are you on the lookout for the top facility for dog boarding in West Hollywood? If so, you will be happy to know that you have found it. You can find any type of dog boarding, from single time dog boarding, to puppy boarding, to long-term dog boarding, at The Loved Dog. Your beloved pet will get individualized love, affection, and attention in a safe and constantly supervised environment. Your dog will also have constant companionship from both humans and other canines, to end their day worn out and happier for having been at The Loved Dog all day long.

Board and Train in West Hollywood with Tamar Geller

Best-selling author Tamar Geller is the owner of The Loved Dog, and she runs her facility for dog boarding in West Hollywood following the same format that she talks about in her book, The Loved Dog Method. She trains each staff member she hires personally to follow this method, which she has successfully used to train the dogs of celebrities such as Oprah and Ben Affleck, so you can say she is a celebrity dog trainer. She then allows the people and the dogs to go out into their indoor dog park, and have fun all day long! The dogs play together, play with the humans, and run around safely the entire day, doing what dogs do.

Benefits of West Hollywood Training with The Loved Dog

Not only can you get things like puppy boarding at The Loved Dog, but if you enjoy the methodology as much as your dog is bound to, then you can also speak with Tamar about puppy training. Give your dog endless fun and happiness by allowing him or her to come to The Loved Dog on a regular basis. Turn the boredom of sitting home alone into a wonderful opportunity for your dog to be even more loved and have fun.

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