Dog Boarding & Training in West Los Angeles

Anyone that is on the lookout for a doggy day care in West Los Angeles, your search has ended. The Loved Dog is the premier place to turn for dog boarding in West Los Angeles. Your dog will love the environment that is provided, and you will be able to rest assured that your dog is having fun and safe while staying here. No matter if you need short-term or long-term boarding for your dog, Tamar at The Loved Dog can help.

Board and Train in West Los Angeles with Tamar Geller

When you bring your dog to The Loved Dog, your pup gets to run around with other dogs all day long. He or she will make new friends, get out excess energy, eat and drink like your pup should, and have other activities to stimulate your dog’s mind so that he or she will be calm and relaxed when you come to pick them up.

Benefits of West Los Angeles Training with The Loved Dog

When you turn to The Loved Dog, you get peace of mind knowing that your dog is being well cared for by a very successful professional who has a deep level of understanding when it comes to dog behavior. Not only will your dog get everything he or she needs to be happy and healthy, but he or she will also have the human companionship that your pup needs to be comfortable within the pack. Let your dog explore in a safe and cage free doggy day care environment while still having the socialization all dogs need.

West Los Angeles Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennels

The next time you need an extra helping hand in taking care of your dog, call us at The Loved Dog. We are here to help you with caring for your dog like he or she is one of the family, because to us, they are!

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