Dog Boarding & Training in Westlake Village

Having a dog run around your house and get anxious when you leave is never an ideal situation, but you simply cannot bring your dog with everywhere you go. So what options do you have for dog boarding in Westlake Village? Luckily for you, or rather for your dog, you have the option of turning to The Loved Dog. They make dog boarding into something that your dog looks forward to.

How The Loved Dog is Different from Other Dog Boarders

When you board your dog or leave them for doggy day care at The Loved Dog, your dog gets to go out and have fun. The entire sanctuary was designed with dogs in mind, and to look and feel as natural as possible. The staff at The Loved Dog understands your dog’s inner need to revert to feeling like a wolf, and has set up the facility to allow that to happen. All of the dogs can explore the entire facility under the safe guidance of the humans that are around, and they can play with all of the other dogs around the entire time they are there. Instead of just having someone keep an eye on your dog, let your dog go somewhere he or she will truly have an experience.

Plus, You Can Get Private Dog Training

Instead of just having a place to come and let your dog have fun, The Loved Dog also provides private dog training so that you and your dog can enjoy each other even more. Learn how to speak with your dog in a way that he or she understands, and let them show you just how much they want to please you with their listening! Enjoy the benefits of having a place to turn that lets your dog behave like a dog. Turn to The Loved Dog for all of your boarding and training needs!

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