Dog Boarding & Training in Westwood

When you go out of town, you want to make sure that your furry friend is able to be taken care of properly and kept safe. While some prefer having a friend or family member come over to help, this can be a hassle or inconvenience in that person’s life. Instead, opt for dog boarding in Westwood at The Loved Dog because then your dog is kept safe, and no one is inconvenienced.

Board and Train in Westwood with Tamar Geller

When boarding your dogs with Tamar at The Loved Dog, your man’s best friend is always going to have a loving companion by his or her side to keep an eye on them. Your dog will be comfortable, relaxed, and cared for like he or she is one of the family – because all dogs are are! Tamar will make sure your dogs know they are safe and loved, even in your temporary absence.

Benefits of Westwood Training with The Loved Dog

The dogs staying at The Loved Dog get plenty of play and exercise, regular feedings and water breaks, and a lot of personalized attention because Tamar devotes all of her time to the dogs that she is caring for. The dogs have the freedom to roam with careful supervision so they are safe, and will be happy and excited to see you when you come home!

Westwood Dog Boarding: What To Look for with Cage Free Kennels

The next time you have to go out of town, consider getting dog boarding in Westwood so that your dog gets to have a mini-vacation just like you, but in a safe, happy, and controlled environment where your pup will be treated like he or she is Tamar’s own. That way, when you come home, you get to pick up your happy pet who is excited to see you! You both will then look forward to the next excursion you have out of town because you will know your pup is safe, and they will know they are going to have a blast at The Loved Dog!

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