October 11, 2016

Dog Obedience Training

It’s your first day with your new pup and everything seems ideal. You’re satisfied with your decision to add to your family by adopting from the pound, and you can’t wait for that inseparable bond everybody always talks about. Suddenly, you hear it: A growl. That excitement quickly turns to fear that your new dog is aggressive and you begin questioning what you got yourself into.

dog obedience training

Rule number one: Don’t panic. Private dog trainer Tamar Gellar will be the first to tell you in dog obedience training that this is the wrong approach since dogs, like humans, react in accordance to those around them. The beauty to Tamar’s unique approach to dog training Los Angeles is her ability to understand exactly why a pup is acting up or being seemingly “aggressive.” She views dogs’ feelings as her own, and her empathy pays off once she gets down to the root of the issue. Especially if your new best friend is adopted, there is no way to know exactly what he or she went through in the past. You can only make changes in dog boarding Los Angeles from here, and you need to create that trust so your dog knows your intentions.

Dog Coaching Tricks By Tamar

As a private dog trainer, Tamar has been exposed to dog personalities of all kinds. However, despite the differences between each pup she’s worked with, she’s found in dog training Los Angeles that they all share a common need for acceptance and understanding. Some tricks to learn from dog obedience training include validation and knowing when to draw the line. By upholding and maintaining the same principles every day, your dog will gain that fundamental trust necessary to build a relationship on, and you will no longer be questioning your decision to get a new dog.

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