September 15, 2016

How To Leash Train A Dog


A dog is nicknamed “man’s best friend” for a multitude of reasons. They’re loyal, comforting and require the same six human needs Tony Robbins believes we need to live a happy, fulfilled life: certainty, variety, belonging, significance, growth and contribution. However, instead of contribution, dogs need physical activity. The easiest way to get this daily requirement is to figure out how to leash train a dog for a walk!

Dog Training Tips & Leash Training in Los Angeles

Dog Training Tips & Leash Training in Los Angeles

As dog trainer Los Angeles Tamar Gellar will tell you, puppies are easy to teach as long as they feel comfortable and associate a leash with a positive experience rather than a negative one. The best way to do this in private dog training with your pup is to put the leash on while the little guy is sitting and eating. That way, he or she will associate a leash with eating-one of the most positive associations a dog can make!

The next step is the most crucial: To help your puppy feel comfortable with the leash. The trick on how to leash train a dog is to ensure that he or she feels comfortable both physically and mentally with the process. An easy tip for the physical aspect is to allow your pup to walk around with the leash on around the house. Mentally, he or she needs to feel certain that putting the leash on will result in a positive experience. Once the leash is on, it means it’s time to go for a walk!

As Tony Robbins and dog trainer Los Angeles Tamar Geller both point out, puppies, just like human beings, need certainty in their lives. Creating that comfort and certainty is the key to a happy puppy and how to leash train a dog with positive results.

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