September 13, 2016

How To Puppy Potty Training


The day has finally come. Whether the moment was a surprise on Christmas morning or a planned event from the start, you finally have a new puppy that you can call your own. Although the excitement never fades from having a new member of the family, it’s time to face the facts: There are house rules and puppy potty training is the number one priority from the start. 2014-11-18 13.36.34-2

As the new, official puppy trainer, you’re taking on a large responsibility and the main point to remember is to just breathe and to not get frustrated. One of the key fundamentals to Tamar’s private dog training success is that she is able to see puppies and dogs as equals and treats them as such. Once your new furry friend is able to trust you on that personal level, then the communication between the two of you will flow. A puppy is looking to you to set an example during the puppy potty training process, and it’s crucial to set guidelines from the start.

In a private dog training session, Tamar is understanding but stern. If your puppy needs to go to the bathroom, she makes it very clear to your pup where to go and how to notify you when he or she needs to go. If an accident occurs during puppy potty training, she won’t throw a tantrum or give off a vibe that will scare your dog. She opens up the line of communication with your puppy to maintain respect while teaching the little guy how to do his or her business.  The best part is that she will pass on her wisdom to you, so you will be able to achieve this level of comfort with your new best friend!

Tamar is not only a puppy trainer, but also a heart opener. She puts your puppy’s needs before her own to truly understand his or her motives to create a happy life for you and your pup. Puppy potty training is necessary but not difficult with private dog training with Tamar Gellar.

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