October 31, 2016

How To Teach a Dog To Fetch

“A dog is a man’s best friend.” This phrase was made up as a result of dogs being able to give human beings enough love to feel wanted and adored, just like a best friend would. The best part about this relationship that’s not included in the original phrase, however, is that man is a dog’s best friend as well.

Private dog trainer Tamar Gellar believes a big part of this connection is because we both require the same six Needs written out by Tony Robbins: certainty, variety, belonging, significance, growth and contribution. However, for dogs, contribution is instead replaced with physical activity. The best way for a human to fulfill this Need for his or her new pup? Teach a dog to fetch.

how to teach a dog to fetch

How To Teach a Dog to Fetch

The first step is to teach your dog how to chase. Choose an object (a ball, most likely), that will motivate your pup. In private dog training, you’ll learn that physically chasing after the ball yourself will give your puppy guidance on what to do. Most likely, he or she will understand, but if he or she is having trouble getting motivated, try holding your pup back so it becomes more of a challenge. It will provide your pup in dog boarding Los Angeles an opportunity to really take on a challenge and even fulfill the Need for growth!

The next step is figuring out how to get your puppy to bring it back. A good trick by a private dog trainer is to get a second object and throw it back to the original spot you threw the ball so you puppy will understand. Once this is mastered, try calling for your pup in dog training Los Angeles to come to you after the first object is retrieved. After some time, he or she will most likely come straight to you and forget about the second object. Voila!

Teach your dog how to fetch and discover why a dog is man’s best friend in dog boarding with Tamar Gellar.

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