September 16, 2016

How to Train a Dog to Sit


When it comes to training a new puppy, it’s all about starting with the basics. First and foremost: How to train a dog to sit. There are endless tricks to initiate this process, but the number one fundamental starts with you-to not get frustrated when it doesn’t happen right away. Puppy Trainer Tamar Gellar compares dogs’ instincts to that of humans. According to her, the main goal in private dog training is to “demystify dog’s behavior so it makes sense in comparison to human behavior.” A dog will sense frustration or anger and will retreat from trusting you if you let it take over, just as a human would if it were to be the other way around.

Private Dog & Puppy Training in Los Angeles

Private Dog & Puppy Training in Los Angeles

When it comes to train a dog to sit, you have to remember what would motivate you during a training of some sort, and it all stems from positive reinforcement. In the case of a puppy, the best form of positive reinforcement is a treat! In order to not intimidate your puppy during private dog training, start with getting on his or her level. Next, hold a treat and allow for him to follow your hand as you move it up; as your hand goes up, his or her booty should fall. Finally, as the puppy trainer, you can’t tease the little guy any longer, and you can feed your puppy the treat. Another important fundamental to remember is, even if your puppy doesn’t fully understand the process quite yet, you must follow up by giving him or her the treat.

There are multiple methods to train a dog to sit. As the puppy trainer, the key is to remain patient and calm. Your pup is looking to you to create that sense of loyalty in private dog training; once that open communication is established,  only positive end results will follow.

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