March 1, 2022

Margaret B’s 5 Star Review of Tamar Geller on Yelp

Imagine a world where all of your needs are met. Your emotional needs, your intellectual needs, your physical needs, your own unique needs that make you…you. Imagine this kind of support, nurturing, and understanding…Imagine how you would thrive and bloom into your best self if you were given a landscape to come into who you truly are. Wouldn’t you be the happiest most loving human? Wouldn’t all of your aggression and anxieties melt away if you were truly seen and heard?

Now imagine this incredible approach applied to your four-legged family member. Think about how aligned your dog would be if you understood what their core needs and unique needs were and how you could best meet their needs for them to be their absolute best selves.

Tamar has designed a method that teaches us, humans, how to best understand the science behind how our dog’s brains work, how we can nurture their core needs and support their nature so any aggression, anxiety, hyper-active etc dissipates.

This type of communication and understanding has transformed our puppy into the social, respectful, loving, confident soul he truly is.

The Loved Dog is one of a kind heart-led, scientifically-rooted method that should be the standard approach to dog/human communication. She is everything we were looking for and will continue to be grateful for. Read this review and others on Yelp here.

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