Online Dog Training Program


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The Loved Dog training program is designed to make you and your dog feel sooooo loved, adored, an understood by each other. We see dog training as the vehicle to build the most amazing and rewarding relationships between you two (and everyone else who is interested). So many dogs get mistreated or abused in the name of dog training, where at The Loved Dog, not only we don’t allow it, we are focusing to empower your dog to think, make smart & mindful decisions, and be as magnificent as he could be so both you and him could have the most awesome life together!

Learn the secrets to having a phenomenal relationship with your dog!

Online Training Program from NYT Best Seller Author and Oprah’s Personal Dog Trainer Tamar Geller

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Oprah’s personal dog coach, Tamar Geller, invites your dog to a coaching vacation/training camp at her stunning Bel Air home!

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