The Loved Dog Online Dog Training Course

Reg $139 Now $99 (Summer Sale) Offer Ends 9/30/19

New York Times Best Selling Author Tamer Gellar is known for her unique approach to training dogs while creating a lasting relationship in the process. Her tricks and tools to forming that bond are available in a series of online dog training videos. Tamar makes it easy for you to train your dog with each video focusing on a specific topic. She guides you through step-by-step basic training while also empowering your pup.

The first series targets the initial tools needed to figure out how to train your dog online. A big part of this beginning series entails creating an understanding between you and your dog, how to use treats without relying on them and the importance of your dog’s name. The second series of dog training videos breaks down more obedience-based skills, such as teaching your dog how to sit, house breaking and commands. From the start, she is able to convey how crucial it is to form trust with your dog in order to move forward. Dogs feed off of the energy of those around them and look to their owners to set the tone of the relationship. What sets Tamar apart from other private dog trainers is her ability to teach you how to train your dog while also connecting with you and your pup to create a foundation of loyalty and trust.

Online Dog Training Logistics

For only $99, you purchase the entire set of dog training videos and a lifetime of expertise. The entire process is self-paced with unlimited access and no timeline. Tamar will teach you how to train your dog online and is so confident in her ability to connect with her viewers that she offers a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied.

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