May 26, 2016

The Loved Dog Method

People often ask me what is unique about The Loved Dog method, and there are many things that make this method so awesome. One of the main things is that we look for the dog not only to have manners, but we want them to empower them and for them to be all that they can be!

One thing is that we teach and encourage the dogs to think for themselves, and think before they act as opposed to being impulsive.

We feel that by teaching someone to think for himself or herself and not be a slave to what their impulses tell them to do, that’s empowerment.

We come form a place that is true for all relationships; when you empower someone, you push them up. We don’t take them fur granted! The higher we help others go, the higher we will go. They become loyal, grateful, devoted to us, our raving fans. They feel that we see them, and that is something that everyone enjoys feeling.

It’s the opposite of pushing someone down, demanding that they will be submissive to us. That approach to a relationship is based in fear and insecurity, that if you’ll give someone enough power they’ll use it against you, therefore you have to keep them down.

What a painful way to go through life!

We are all connected! Others being pushed down, affects us as well.

The more we get in the habit of pushing someone up, the happier we become. There’s no good feeling like seeing someone becoming all that they could be.

It’s true for your dog, your kids, and your significant other.

You then create a tapestry of love and empowerment in your life and in the world!

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