Dog Boarding & Training in Long Beach

If dog boarding in Long Beach is what you are looking for, then The Loved Dog is your answer. Your dog will have a safe and secure place to go to for short-term boarding, dog day care, or even overnights if the need arises. You have the peace of mind of knowing your dog is being well cared for, and having a blast with the people and the dogs that spend their days (and nights) at The Loved Dog. It becomes the perfect solution for your needs and your dog’s happiness!

Let Your Dog Have Fun While Being Boarded

No one ever had fun when dog boarding was little more than kennels and potty breaks now and again. Your dog was unhappy, and you felt guilty leaving him or her there, but really had no choice. Now, you have the option of the greatest facility for dog day care in Long Beach, The Loved Dog. Your dog gets to run around, have fun, play games, search their surroundings, and act like a dog! Plus, the people employed at The Loved Dog are personally trained by renowned dog trainer Tamar Geller, known for training celebrity dogs like Oprah’s!

Want to find out how to train your puppy to behave like other celebrity dogs you have seen? Schedule a private dog training lesson with Tamar. That way, your dog gets to play around and have fun while you run errands, go to work, or take care of life, and then you both get to come together for a training session that helps you both understand each other better.

At the end of the day, your dog is going to love having fun at The Loved Dog. You will come in and see your dog acting tired yet grateful any time you use their boarding services, and your dog will behave better, too.

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