September 22, 2016

How To Train A Boxer Puppy


One of the more priceless moments that come with bringing a new puppy home is the amount of excitement and curiosity that all family members share with one another. The atmosphere is new and there is a lot to see and learn about each other. Boxer puppies especially, known for their high energy and courageous attitudes, add to these unforgettable moments. When it comes time to figure out how to train a boxer puppy, however, it can be difficult trying to hold his or her attention with the excitement that comes with bringing a new family member home. Puppy Trainer Tamar Geller understands this predicament and has a few tricks up her sleeve to create a home for you and your new pup.

Train Your Dog Or Puppy With Celebrity Trainer Tamar Gellar.

Train Your Dog Or Puppy With Celebrity Trainer Tamar Gellar.

What you’ll find in private dog training with Tamar is that it all begins with patience. Figuring out how to train a boxer puppy can be exhausting-it’s vital to your new puppy’s growth, however, to stay calm. In order for your baby boxer to be mindful of his or actions instead of acting on impulse begins with you. He or she will be looking to you to set the tone of the relationship in private dog training. If you, the puppy trainer, lose your cool and get frustrated, then your dog will follow suit.

Dogs need validation, just as human beings do. It’s crucial to not overlook the significance of a treat…if your dog knows there will be a reward after a specific behavior, then he or she will do it again! This tactic of positive reinforcement follows two out of the six of Tony Robbins’ human needs: certainty and variety. Puppies, like humans, need to feel assured and safe without the risk of monotony. The key to how to train a boxer puppy is to ensure that a reward will follow a certain positive behavior. However, mix up that reward so your puppy won’t get bored!

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