March 23, 2017

Coaching For You and Your Loved Dog

2014-11-18 13.36.34-2You and your Loved Dog are going to spend a lot of time together and so you owe it to yourselves to make this long term relationship the very best that it can be. The Loved Dog method by Tamar Geller is designed to do exactly that.

The Loved Dog Method

The Loved Dog method will coach you through various ways to better communicate with your furry four-legged family member. Although you are different species you will soon realize that you have more in common than you think and that by constantly trying to understand and meet the needs of your pup you’ll both come closer to a loving and mutual understanding.

Tamar believes that your Loved Dog has the learning capacity of an 18-month-old toddler. So let’s think about that for a minute. Wouldn’t you want to teach your toddler through fun and games rather than through using a dominating demeanor and fearful tone? Not only would it be more fun but also your child would always be eager to learn! BONUS!

By guiding your furry family member through games that are fun for you both you’ll both soon find that not only is he almost seamlessly becoming more assimilated into your family but he’s just such a happy and loved family member. He will learn to associate you with all the good things in his life. Your Loved Dog wants to please you because he has come to understand that his very existence is dependent on you and your family. He relies on his connection to his pack.

The Loved Dog method will coach you in the ways to better understand how to make your pup the very best that he can be. You at times may discover that he may not be acting as he should and that’s the time for you to step up and ask yourself if his needs are being met. Are you miscommunicating? Does he not trust? These are some of his basic needs and as in any relationship only through continuous engagement with your dog will you find that he will soon be eager to do his very best not out of fear but because he likes how he feels when he does.

Initially, Puppies Work On Instinct 

When your puppy comes into your home you’ll find that he is primarily working on instinct. He’s gonna pee and poo wherever and whenever, claw and chew and in general utilize all of his wolf instincts. Because your vested in this relationship it is now up to you to coach your pup so that he learns to make choices. It will be through your coaching and game playing that he will learn that peeing and pooing outside is the way to go to achieve a more pleasurable outcome. The Loved Dog method will coach you in the way to having a well-mannered and happy pup. You and your pup will learn together that he has the ability to choose.

Our Loved Dog, Sam, goes on a daily walks to the park where he has tons of human and dog friends. Thankfully because he is a Loved Dog everyone is happy to see him and he’s always happy to meet and greet. He always has this very funny encounter with one of his favorite human friends Debra. She always carries treats for the dogs in the park. Sam spots Deb from across the park and can hardly wait to get to her. He of course knows that he can’t be rude to everyone he meets before her and so he’s so ready when they finally meet. Sam immediately, without ever being asked, sits! He knows that he’s gonna get what he wants. All he has to do is sit and he is happy to do so! Deb has some great treats and she’s always very generous. Sam quickly reasoned that Deb had treats and that he had to be well mannered and sit before he would receive one. He of course is always also rewarded with “good sit Sam!”

The Loved Dog Method is Fun and Easy and Available Online

The Loved Dog method is not only fun and easy but is now available online. Most recently Tamar created an online course that is available for purchase. This comprehensive course includes videos, pdf checklists, online Q&A and much more. Tamar also offers a wonderful board and train vacation in her home. While there your Loved Dog will experience all the joys of her personal coaching. In addition you can book a private session for you and your pup with Tamar.

You and your Loved Dog are going to have a wonderful life together! You both deserve to make it the very best that it can be.

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