March 30, 2017

Your Dog And an Exercise Routine

Your Dog And Exercise

Border Collie dog Jumping

Fitness for the Whole Family

Hopefully you and your family members have an exercise routine for continued good health. Your dog is part of your family and should also have an exercise routine for his sustained good physical and mental health.

Your dog’s exercise needs are dependent on his breed, age and health. To be certain that you’re on the right track first consult with your veterinarian. He or she will give you guidelines based on your dog’s individual needs.

I’m sure that you’ve walked past a yard where there’s a fenced in dog and he follows you from one end of the fence to the other as you stroll by. He’s barking, yipping, jumping and basically begging for your attention. His parents are probably away at work and he’s left to figure out his own exercise routine while they’re gone! Just as you and your other family members, he needs to get some exercise every day. A consistent and well- scheduled exercise routine will be beneficial to everyone in your family and this of course includes your Loved Dog!

Outline a Doggie Exercise Routine

For a dog living in an apartment the stress can be somewhat more elevated and so exercise at the beginning of the day is crucial. This morning exercise routine will allow your puppy or dog to burn off the energy that would otherwise manifest itself in destructive behavior while your gone during the day. Sadly, it might be directed at your best pair of shoes or sofa cushions. With you gone, who knows what will become an attractive energy outlet.

If you and your family are going to be gone most of the day then a walk prior to leaving for work and your children going to school will help alleviate your dog’s stress. There are also other great natural remedies for stress for your dogs as well . You can make your dog’s exercise routine part of the family’s routine. Your dog’s walk can be something that gives you and your children an opportunity to bond with your furry family member at least a couple of times a day.

Getting Exercise at Doggie Daycare

Another excellent option is doggie daycare. The best one in the Los Angeles area is The Loved Dog. Tamar Geller opened this wonderful facility over 20 years ago and it is dedicated to providing your dog with hours of cage free fun! Your Loved Dog will be in the hands of staff members that have been trained in Tamar’s Loved Dog method of training. The staff are Pet CPR and Pet First Aid Certified.

Doggie daycare will offer your Loved Dog the opportunity to let off steam and socialize. Both of these things will result in you picking up a relaxed, calm and happy pup. All dogs entering The Loved Dog are pre screened to make certain that you pup is exposed to other doggies that get along well with others, are up to date with all vaccinations and are there to enjoy and have fun!

Doggie day care is a great way for your pup to satisfy his need to be a part of a pack while your family pack is away at work or school. The Loved Dog method by Tamar Geller understands that this is one of your dogs 7 basic needs.

The Loved Dog Method and Exercise

You can find out more about The Loved Dog method by Tamar Geller through her online course, which is now available for purchase. This course will not only teach you about the need for exercise for your dog but will teach you and your family how you can incorporate games and training for your dog.. This course will walk you through step -by -step explanations of allowing your furry family member to become the best that he can be while strengthening your bond. Because The Loved Dog method uses games as a teaching tool you will be providing some of the exercise that your dog requires. What a GREAT added benefit! You get to play with your dog and he gets to learn how to become well behaved while having fun.

The path to a happy healthy pet is in your hands and The Loved Dog method is truly a step in the right direction toward that goal. You owe it to yourself and your furry family member to explore this method and to see how fun exercise and learning can be for you and your entire family. This long -term relationship deserves the best! Remember that a Loved Dog is a happy and well -mannered one.


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