March 30, 2017

Connecting With Your Dog | Most Dogs Can Learn 150 Words

Dogs Are Smart – Most dogs can learn up to 150 words

A Foreigner in a Foreign Land

Have you ever been in a foreign country and tried to get directions to your hotel or to the closest bathroom or tried to read a menu? Well if you have then you have an idea how you’re Loved Dog feels upon arrival to his new home. No matter if your new pup is a high-end pure breed or a lovable rescue, you’re pretty much speaking a foreign language.

Don’t despair! Just as anxious as you were in a foreign country to get to the nearest bathroom or to order a meal or find your hotel, your Loved Dog is anxious and very willing to learn! The Loved Dog method as taught by Tamar Geller will coach you both up the path to mutual love and understanding.

As long as you and your family are willing to show patience, love and understanding to your new Loved Dog then you will find that he will continue to be happy and eager to learn. The last thing that he wants is to remain a stranger in your foreign country. As soon as possible he wants to be a part of your family pack. The Loved Dog method is based on non-aggressive strategies for you to bring out the best in your furry family member. These non-aggressive coaching techniques will assure that your pup is eager to learn because learning is fun and not fear based.

Use Words – Most dogs have the ability to learn up to 150 words

Just as with a toddler your Loved Dog has the ability to learn approximately 150 words and so in your efforts to connect with your pup always work on growing his vocabulary. Talk to him, play with him whenever possible and remember that this is all part of connecting and learning.

Blowing Off Steam – Your dog will be more receptive after some exercise

Your furry family member is going to be in his most receptive state for the coaching process when he’s been able to blow off a little steam. If you work from home there should be several opportunities for you during the day to take a few minutes for a vigorous game of tug of war or a walk or to work on some of his training. If your spouse or child were sitting in your office with you, wouldn’t you take the time to stop your work to connect with them? Dogs also have a basic need to feel that we are connecting with them. You’ll notice that they want to be near us and to be noticed by us brings them a sense of security.

Many of us work outside the home, which means that your Loved Dog is going to be left alone for several hours a day. This is when his natural wolf instincts may kick in and some of those activities may not be what works in your happy household. Remember, that this is totally not his fault. He is simply resorting to what he knows and understands.

If you know that you’re going to be gone for several hours each day, it ‘s probably a good idea to have a friend or dog walker come by to take him out to stretch his legs and enjoy the outdoors with a dog lover or maybe a few hours at an open kennel doggie daycare. Your Loved Dog is by nature a pack animal and loves to be with his pal pack if he can’t always be with his human pack.

The Loved Dog Doggie Daycare

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Tamar Geller’s Loved Dog doggie daycare facility is absolutely the very best. There is always a perfect ratio of Tamar coached handlers to doggies. Here your Loved Dog
will spend playtime with dogs that have all been pre screened for any health or temperament issues. A day of safe and supervised play awaits your furry family member.

As with all your family members your Loved Dog is going to be with your family pack for years to come. You owe it to yourself and your doggie to provide the very best care possible for the years to come.

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