January 14, 2017

Finding the Right Veterinarian for Your Dog

Maltese In Vet Clinic

Well you’ve finally made the decision to add a family member and you now have a new puppy!  Congratulations!!!  You’ve done all the research and now you’ve got your new pup home.  Whether it’s a boy or girl, pure breed or mixed breed rescue you’re all gonna have a great time together with a little preparation.

Get Started On This Before You Actually NEED a Vet.

One of the first things to do is to find a Veterinarian in your area.  You want to make this something that you do before you NEED a Veterinarian.  The best approach is to talk to friends who have the same approach to their pet care that you do.   Ask where they take their pets for care.   Talk to workers in shelters, dog walkers, dog trainers, pet sitters and doggie daycare facilities.in your area.

Try a Google or Yelp search for a Veterinarian if you don’t have referrals. You can also search the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the American Veterinary Medical Association or The Humane Society for a Veterinarian in your area.   These are all helpful websites and are free of charge.

Assemble A List of Questions

If possible first interview a few Veterinarians to find the perfect fit for you and your new pup.  Have a prepared list of question regarding their approach to care. Upon your first visit/interview observe the office/facility.  Is it clean and well taken care of?   Are the front and back offices well organized?   How many Veterinarians are on staff?  Are the dog and cat facilities separate? If you call with an issue will they call you back that same day, text, email?

While there observe how the staff interacts with patients and their parents.  Does the receptionist handle calls in a timely manner?  Are the technicians available to speak with and knowledgeable?  Is your puppy comfortable with the technicians and the Veterinarian?  Do they seem not only knowledgeable but also have a good bedside manner with you and your puppy.

Inquire About Payment and Scope of Services

It’s important to ask the forms of payment that are accepted beforehand.  If you have pet insurance or are considering pet insurance ask if it is accepted or if they will bill your insurance carrier for you for services provided.  Are payment plans available should you need them?

You should also ask for a scope of services offered.  Will you be provided with educational literature should you require puppy information or education for a particular illness?   Are there boarding services or training services?  Referrals for Veterinarian Specialists and Emergency services or are they on staff?

All of this matters and you know that you would do the same for any one of your beloved family members.  Enjoy your new family member!


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