October 24, 2016

Puppy Crate Training

There are specific characteristics to look for when it comes to picking out a private dog trainer for your puppy: Trust, Compassion and Knowledge. Trust that your puppy is in good hands at dog training Los Angeles; compassion to ensure your dog is being understood; knowledge that your trainer knows what he or she is doing, especially when it comes to puppy crate training. Puppies, just like all newborns, absorb information like a sponge since it’s their first time being exposed to everything. It’s crucial for them to associate their crate training experience with positivity since it will be necessary for transportation and potty training.

Train Your Dog Or Puppy With Celebrity Trainer Tamar Gellar.

Private dog trainer Tamar Gellar understands the importance of this and keeps it at the forefront of her mind during dog boarding Los Angeles.  Unlike other institutions, she doesn’t believe in locking your pup up in a crate all day to keep them at bay. Tamar treats your puppy like her own in dog training Los Angeles and only uses crates in a positive atmosphere so your puppy doesn’t resent the process. The key to getting your dog to accept the crate is reinforcement and encouragement.

How To Crate Train Your Puppy

Always remember that the way to a puppy’s heart is the same way to a human’s-through love and food! First, use a command, such as, “Kennel,” or, “Crate,” and point to the inside of the crate. Once your puppy understands and gets in the crate, always praise him or her and provide a treat. Private dog trainer Tamar Gellar always follows up positive actions with treats; especially when it comes to crate training. Due to her consistency and positivity, the crate is understood to be a short-term experience with a reward in the end, rather than a scary place where he or she will be locked up for hours on end.

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