October 24, 2016

Training a Puppy vs. Training a Dog

Just like any other situation in life, there are pros and cons to adopting a puppy over a dog, and vice versa. Those that advocate for a puppy over a dog might say that it is risky, especially if you’re opting to adopt from the pound since you never know what kind of home life your pup had before you came around. Those that push for a dog might say that a puppy is extremely needy and hard to train, even in dog training Los Angeles. The real secret? They both require patience and a great private dog trainer to teach you how to deal.


Training a Puppy

Like all newborns, puppies absorb information like a sponge since it’s all new to them. In dog boarding Los Angeles, professional Tamar Gellar knows that puppies will have their moments; they’re extremely high energy and definitely require a ton of attention. Some tricks to get them to obey is to be stern when you need to be and don’t brush off bad behavior because then they’ll never learn. It’s harder to change bad behavior in dog training Los Angeles if they’ve never been taught what’s good and bad, so be attentive, but have fun! All breeds, whether they’re a puppy or a dog, feed off of the energy of their private dog trainer, so it all starts with patience and positivity.

Training a Dog

The truth is, training a dog over a puppy in dog boarding Los Angeles is a bit harder than training a puppy. Although puppies are high energy and needy, dogs can be set in their ways for awhile, and getting them to understand a new set of rules could take more time. Don’t lose hope, though! Just like puppies, it just takes patience; private dog trainer Tamar treats dogs as her own and can change the trajectory of their lives in dog boarding Los Angeles just by taking the time and patience to get to know her new furry friends. She’s the best answer for residents looking for dog boarding in Los Angeles.

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