March 7, 2017

You and Your Dog’s 7 Basic Needs

You and your new puppy are excited to get to know one another and so you should have a little “heads up” on your new furry family member.  The Loved Dog method by Tamar Geller is an excellent way for you to start this great new relationship.

Dog have 7 Basic Needs

Your new puppy or your adult dog have 7 basic needs.  When those needs are met you will have given your pup the keys to a happy emotional and physical life.  Tamar believes that these 7 basic needs are key to your dog’s well being and through her methods you’ll be coached on how to provide them in a loving and fun way.  You’ll soon find that the needs of your Loved Dog are much less complicated than your own but go beyond food, water and peeing outside.

Imagine what a physical and mental mess grown-ups would be if only food and water needs were met while growing up.  No matter your dog’s breed you will find that you will have a loving well-behaved furry family member if his 7 basic needs are met.

Need 1 – Sense of Security

You know how you sometimes feel anxious after watching the nightly news or reading the paper after a sad series of events have happened or when your car breaks down or if you hear that there will be lay offs at your place of employment.  These are all things that can give you a sense of insecurity.  Now imagine feeling that way all the time and not being able to do anything about it.  YIKES!  The Loved Dog method believes that your dog needs a sense of security that only you can provide.  Your ability to offer a routine for your dog and to make him feel loved and safe will provide this sense of security.

Need 2 – Companionship

Companionship is another key need.   Loneliness is a terrible feeling and with the abundant love that your dog wants to shower on you, that feeling should never exist for either one of you or your family members.   The Loved Dog method coaches that dogs are pack animals and now your doggie knows that you are his pack.  Continue to show him this through constant feedback.  Engage your pup in a game of tug of war or just a smile, or let him snuggle next to you while you’re watching TV.  You’ll soon discover that he would rather be near you than in another room or outside by himself in the backyard.

Need 3 – Understanding the Hierarchy

Understanding the hierarchy is the third basic need.  Because your doggie is a pack animal they innately understand this.  The Loved Dog method does not confuse this with an alpha dog mentality.  Your pup will want to learn the rules and boundaries that you are setting for him as his pack leader and through the love and coaching that you give him will learn the appropriate behaviors.

Need 4 – Surprises and Excitement

Next are surprises and excitement!  I love this need and being able to provide it is fun for you both.  I know that we talked about predictability and stability earlier but your Loved Dog also needs surprises to keep him from being bored.  You don’t want him to create a negative surprise for you because he’s bored!  Maybe his surprise will be a new toy or a trip to the Loved Dog doggie day care if you live in Los Angeles or an arranged play date with some neighborhood dogs.  You’re both gonna LOVE these surprises.

Need 5 – Food & Exercise 

Food and exercise are next.  Your Loved Dog needs to run around and get out some of that pent up energy on a daily basis.  That’s a must.  They are not couch potatoes unless you make them so.  Take him for a walk and get some exercise yourself in the process and you’ll find that it’s an additional way for you two to bond.  Although we may sometimes consider exercise as a necessary evil your pup thinks of it as a reward and can’t wait to get to it!  Of course all of this exercise is going to create an appetite so be certain to read labels and to speak with your veterinarian to come up with a good nutritional diet for your furry family member.

Need 6 – Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is something that we may not always associate with giving our Loved Dog.  Did you know that your dog could learn up to 150 words!  With the Loved Dog method you will understand how to be a dictionary for your dog and to teach him the meaning of words and even how to do tasks like bringing your shoes or to put his toys away.  You’ll find that when you use games to teach words and new actions that you and your pup will have a blast and he’ll be anxious to learn new fun things.

Need 7 – Love and Connection 

Love and connection is bringing this all to a full circle.  You of course want your Loved Dog to feel connected to you and your family and over time to understand that you are the beloved leader of his pack.  Your dog needs to come to understand that even with some physical distance that there is still an invisible connection between the two of you and your family.

The Loved Dog method by Tamar Gellar is an important one for all dog owners to explore.  Tamar is a life coach for you and your dog and offers her one on one coaching for you and your Loved Dog.  Besides her board and train coaching vacations for your doggie she has written several books and now has available an online course that you are able to follow at your own pace.  It includes video tutorials, a PDF checklist online Q&A and more!

You and your Loved Dog deserve the very best for this relationship and so use the Loved Dog method to get off to a right start today!

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