March 30, 2017

Dogs Have Feelings Like Loss, Joy and Disappointment

Stafford Terrier in the Park 

You and Your Loved Dog

How We All Get What We Want

Now that you and your Loved Dog have spent some time together you can be certain that he is pretty in tune with your preferences. Our Loved Dog Sammy totally knows the family schedule. He knows his part in that schedule as well as everyone else’s. Sam knows if we’re putting on our walking clothes that he is most likely gonna get some time in the park and a visit with his friends. On Monday mornings he knows that after I do a little work that he’s off to his training play day. Yay!!!!

What all of this means is that although I like to sometimes think that the reason that Sam is such a good boy is that he’s trying to please us. Great thought but, nope. Sam is trying to please himself.

Your Dog Has Needs, Similar to a Toddler

The Loved Dog method by Tamar Geller has taught us that when Sam’s needs are met and my family and I are pleased with his behavior then that’s just a bonus for him. Our Loved Dogs will most often do the thing that they think will bring about an opportunity for pleasure and not pain.

It’s also important for you to understand that your Loved Dog has the ability to feel loss, joy, and disappointment. They can become obsessed with something and they absolutely love games and surprises. This full range of emotions is very similar to those of a toddler. Understanding these things about your furry family member will be a benefit to you both! It’s your understanding of these emotions in your pup that will allow you and your entire family to bond and become a pack.

Show Your Dog Ongoing Love and Understanding 

Understanding your Loved Dog is a process that will take time and patience on both your parts. Although your pup may not understand what you’re trying to communicate to him, remember that he’s not an alien from another planet. He’s just a pup and you just need to take some time with him. He will be pretty easy to understand once you take some time to do so. Stay patient, show compassion and be committed to this relationship and it will pay off for you both in mutual love and respect.

Be Consistent and Patient With You Dog
One of the most important parts of this budding relationship will be for you and your family to be in sync with the path that you want to take. Always be clear in your direction and everyone should stay consistent. Decide on what you all consider to be acceptable behavior. Everyone in the family should use the same terms for particular behaviors. Will you be using the word “potty”, “pee”? Whatever you decide to use everyone should use the same word so that your Loved Dog doesn’t become confused. Be consistent with behaviors regarding where he’s allowed. Should he be up on the couch? The bed? What about treats? What kind and when should they be given. This consistency will be a huge help to your pup and will quickly lead to the whole family being happy. Tamar believes that if a behavior is rewarded, it is likely to increase,. If a behavior is not rewarded, it is likely to decrease.

Online Course and Training
Access to The Loved Dog method by Tamar Geller is easy. You can take advantage of her private dog coaching or her board and care doggie vacations. There is her online training program that just recently became available. This program includes videos to empower you and your pup. He will learn to make good, smart and mindful decisions. Besides the videos there is a PDF checklist, online Q&A and much more!

You and your Loved Dog are in this relationship for a good long time and you both deserve the very best!

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