February 20, 2017

Be A Dictionary for Your Puppy

Be a Dictionary For Your Dog – Teach Doglish

Your new puppy is a wonder! He’s full of life and forever rambling, exploring, chasing and relishing everything with complete enthusiasm. I bet you wish you had some of that energy! I bet you also wish that when you speak to him he understood what you were saying! This is the key to a well-mannered dog!

Your New Puppy Comes To You Not Understanding One Word of English

Remember that your puppy comes to you not understanding one word of English. Imagine yourself in a foreign country where no one speaks English and you’re trying to make your way through the day. Well, that’s your puppy. He really does want to learn but doesn’t have a clue as to what you’re saying or what you want him to do. All he knows is that he really likes you and he wants to please you and your family.

This is where you and your family being a dictionary come into play. The Loved Dog method by Tamar Geller teaches that you can begin to teach your puppy English every day by acknowledging his positive actions and using the word for them. As much as it may seem that your new puppy is bent on mischief you should also be noticing all the things that he’s doing right! This is going to take some work on both your parts but the rewards are endless and will be the beginning of a long wonderful relationship.

Start By Using Single Words or Short Phrases

Remember to start by using single words or short phrases. You catch your puppy sitting so now repeat the word “sit, sit, sit” in a happy voice. When he’s drinking water, repeat the word “drink, drink, drink” once again in a happy voice. Try to look out for these positive actions and repeat the word to your puppy as often as possible. In Tamar’s Online Dog Training Program you and your puppy will learn how a positive non-aggressive, patient approach to learning words will be the key to you and your puppy developing your loving relationship.

By following The Loved Dog Method of dog training you and your puppy will learn how it can be fun to learn and your puppy will learn life-long methods of communicating with you, your family and all those that he comes into contact with.

Through patience The Loved Dog Method will teach you that your tone of voice, single words, short phrases and the proper use of treats you can guide your puppy to be the best that he can be!

Graduate Puppy

A Puppy Can Learn Approximately 150 Words, or More

It is believed that your puppy can learn approximately 150 words. Some breeds like Border Collies can learn about 1500 words! So much like a toddler your puppy has the capacity to understand what you’re saying to him.

Your puppy will very quickly recognize by your tone of voice that you’re pleased with what he’s done. When he does something right go a little crazy with the praise! Be happy with his accomplishments and you can use treats when he does something right!

Remember that treats are not free! In the training phase of being a dictionary treats will be the reward for the action along with your happy tone of voice. If you are training your puppy to sit and he does, then he gets a treat or multiple small treats if the action occurred quickly. You’ll soon find that this method is fun for you both and starts to build your relationship.

Always Use Single Words or Phrases for the Desired Action

Always use single words or phrases for the desired action. If you’re trying to train him to sit then use the single word and when he does then repeat the word in a happy tone, then treat. If you see your dog sitting then repeat the word in a happy tone and treat! He’ll think that he’s awesome! Don’t say “good dog” or “good boy” when the desired action occurs. Instead say, “good sit”. If you only say “good boy” for all good actions then he’ll never be able to distinguish between the good actions.

The Loved Dog Online Course is a quick and comprehensive tool for you to get started with the concept of being a dictionary and teach you both “Doglish”. Each module of the course will provide insights to all aspects of training your puppy and provide a reference tool. It will be easy for you to go through and will be something that you can go back to time and time again. This course includes online videos, PDF checklists, an online QA and much more. You owe it to yourself and your furry family member to get started on your journey right away!

Wishing you and your Loved Dog a lifetime of mutual love.

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